QConform is a business tool, designed to refine compliance and performance of the company with 21CFR part 11compliant electronic records and to make a paper-free work place. Companies reporting to regulatory agencies generate a very large number of books day in day out to comply with the ever increasing demand for “evidence of performing” documents.

QConform is aimed primarily at diminishing the risks inherent to Pharmaceutical, Food or any regulated manufacturing unit. QConform ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use by managing manufacturing, testing and overall quality control.

QConform, a chemist friendly software package, is appropriately structured to facilitate chemists’ understanding & consistent application interface. QConform configures to the size and complexity of the company’s activities and implements solutions.

QConform can be incorporated with the overall intentions and direction of the company related to quality policy to facilitate continual improvement of the quality system. Implementation achieves traceability to the ultimate level: the manufacturer and supplier for a chemical used in quality control laboratory for an ‘identification test’ of a raw material is traced with no effort.

QConform was visualized, designed and implemented by experienced cGMP consultants to bring out ‘chemist friendly’ software.

To thrive in future health systems, organizations will need to transform to patient-centered, information-rich organizations. This means building proficiency in health analytics to deliver evidence-based, coordinated and accountable care.

QConform can be used in manufacturing operations in:
   - Pharma Dosage form Unit
   - Active drug substances
   - Nutracueticals R & D Regulated / Unregulated Industries
   - Food
   - Water
   - Soft Drinks
   - ISO 9000 companies